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Bright Tangerine Revolvr follow focus

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Your weapon of choice 
Focus is an integral part of storytelling.
A high performance instrument is vital;
it’s what connects you to the lens.
With exceptional drive efficiency
and direct transmission,
Revolvr puts you in total control.
Made in Germany.
Making it all fit together
It won’t be a tight squeeze
Designed to allow you more options of placement,
revolvr is slimmer, and has a dual mountable arm,
allowing you more space for other accessories.
Improved controller
Comfort at your finger tips
The conical handle matches the contours of
your hand, even when the camera is hard to
reach. You can use it on either side too.
The removable hard stops move independently,
and you can use one or both.
You can also use the smaller handle from our
lightweight follow focus.
Keep going in the cold.
Protect your hands
When it’s cold you need to wear gloves.
Everything has been designed to be easy
to access, and easy to use.
The clamps and locks can be used with
gloves so you can keep your hands
warm and protected. .
Cine ratio and more
Gearing that feels right
A follow focus should feel familiar. We’ve used a
standard cine ratio so you instantly feel in control.
The modular design also gives you the flexibility
to work with stills lenses. For a lower ratio, just
use the arm from our lightweight follow focus.
The arms can be be mounted on either side.
So many choices
What will you choose?
There’s an optional Holster to mount a torch,
so you can still see your marks in the dark.
The lightweight bridge will snap directly
onto LWS bars, or into our 15mm and
19mm studio adaptors.
Zero Backlash
High speed control
We’ve used an active-expanding coupling to
connect our whip and speed crank which means
you get zero backlash.
The speed crank is adjustable in length, and can
pivot from 90 to 130 degrees. Which means you can
vary the speed, and access the crank when it’s
difficult to reach. 
Soft stop, hard stop
A neat little trick
Set your A and B positions, and use your forefinger
to feel when you hit your mark. You can follow the 
action, and stay in focus all the time.
For hard stops, just activate the hidden plunger,
and you’re ready to go.
Direct drive
Giving you better access
If you’re up against a wall or going through a narrow
doorway, simply plug directly into the core bridge.
Both the whip and speed crank can attach without the handle,
leaving you to be in the right place to get the shot.


Revolvr Single Sided Core kit
SKU B2000.0001 
- 15mm LWS Bridge
- Handwheel
- Cine Arm
- 2 Gears
- 2 Marking Discs
- H/S Pack
Revolvr Dual Sided Lightweight kit
SKU B2000.0002 
- 15mm LWS Bridge
- 2 x Handwheel
- Cine Arm
- 2 Gears
- 5 Marking Discs
- H/S Pack
- Extension
- 4D Speedcrank
Revolvr Dual Sided 19mm Studio kit
SKU B2000.0003 
- 15mm LWS Bridge
- 2 x Handwheel
- Cine Arm
- 2 Gears
- 5 Discs
- H/S Pack
- Extension
- 4D Speedcrank
- 19mm Studio Bridge
- Whip
Revolvr Dual Sided 15mm Studio kit
SKU B2000.0004 
- 15mm LWS Bridge
- 2 x Handwheel
- Cine Arm
- 2 Gears
- 5 Discs
- H/S Pack
- Extension
- 4D Speedcrank
- 15mm Studio Bridge
- Whip
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